How To Change A Tap Washer 5 Easy Tips You Must Follow

Did you wake up to the annoying drip sound? A leaky tap is not only a plumbing inconvenience but can also lead to severe consequences. If left unchecked, it can cause extensive water damage and increase the water bills. However, the best part is that in most cases, changing the tap washers might do the trick. But, for that, you must know how to change a tap washer.

What is a Tap Washer?

A tap washer is a small disc that is placed within the tap to develop a seal when the tap is turned off. However, with the passage of time, these can sustain damage leading to a leaking tap. Keep in mind that usually, one must change the washer within 1-2 years. That is why knowing how to change a washer in tap is a crucial skill.

How To Change A Tap Washer 5 Easy Tips

Tools Needed to Change the Washer

Before knowing how to change a tap washer in the shower, you must gather the necessary tools. These include a towel, pliers, spanners, and screwdrivers.

Here 5 Easy Tips to Change a Tap Washer

Do you want to know how to change a tap washer? Check out these easy steps listed here!

Switch off the water supply

Firstly, you must turn off the water supply. If you start the work before ensuring that the water supply is off, you run the risk of having a flood. In order to avoid that mess, make sure to switch off the isolation valve or the main valve.

After that, you must open the leaking tap to make sure that the water inside the pipe flows out. Otherwise, this water could lead to spillage when you start working.

Remove the tap button and handle

Now, you must take out the tap button in order to gain access to the washer. If it is round in shape, you can use a screwdriver. In other cases, you can use the spanner. Excise caution to prevent damage to the sink.

Then, you must remove the tap handle. The handle differs depending on the tap type. You can simply unscrew it and keep it aside gently. It is vital to note that there are different types of taps available, and thus, the washers will also differ.

Unfasten the tap skirt and tap bonnet

In this step, you must unfasten the tap skirt. Some plumbers use the sealant, and thus, you might need the use of pliers to get it off. After that, you must remove the tap bonnet. Unscrewing it will display the jumper valve that is located within it. For this, you will need the shifter or spanner. It is a vital step in how to change a tap washer.

Replace the washer

Now, you must take out the jumper valve. This will give you access to the tap washer. If you observe a split in the washer, then that could indicate the damage. You can use your hands to remove the washer. But, if that doesn’t work, you can use the needle-nose pliers.

It is essential that you purchase the new washer carefully. Make sure that you get the same model to avoid fitting issues while working. In most cases, changing tap washers also mean changing the jumper valve. But, if the valve remains in good condition, then only buying the washer is enough. Keep this in mind in how to change a tap washer.

Reassemble the components

After you install the jumper valve and the washer, you must reassemble the rest of the tap components. Follow the reverse order to make sure that you put the parts back right away. Take some time and ensure that it is done properly.

Now that you have assembled all the parts turn on the water supply. Check out the tap to see if the leak is fixed. Moreover, you can also turn on and off the tap a few times to get rid of debris. If the leak persists, then you must contact the professionals. They can check out the tap and offer an accurate diagnosis. After that, they will provide viable solutions and fix the problem with urgency.

Having Issues With the Tap? Get Professional Aid Now!

There are various causes that can lead to a leaky tap. However, it is vital that you fix the leakage as soon as possible to avoid further damage. One of the primary causes of a leaking tap is a worn-out washer. Fortunately, changing the washer is easy. If you know how to change a tap washer, then you can handle it yourself. In case the leak remains, you must call our leaking tap repair experts.

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