How to Find a Water Leak Inside a Wall

It is always smart to be attentive when it comes to protecting your home. You always have to be very careful whether you are taking steps to protect your home from fire, pests including rodents, or any water leakage. 

Water leaks are difficult to detect. In many cases, people came to know about leakages when the signs of damage started showing. Whenever you notice such damages it is better not to waste any time and contact local plumbing experts for repair and renovation.

It is very important to learn the causes and signs of such leakages so that they can be detected at an early stage.

Water Leak Inside a Wall

Below are a Few Causes of Water Leakage in your Walls:

  1. Natural Wear and Tear
  2. Pipe burst due to frozen water
  3. Clogging in pipes
  4. High water pressure
  5. Improper repair work

Signs of Water Leaking

Water leakage can harm your home look and feel in many ways. It can have financial stress on your monthly expenditure so start looking out for signs for water leakage for timely correction of things.

Change of Wall Texture

Leakage will lead to discoloration in the wall if compared with other walls of the home. Paint and wallpaper may start to wrap. In some cases, the bubble-like structure starts appearing on walls which showcases the signs of leakage in the wall. It is recommended to consult a good plumbing service company that can help in the rectification of the issue.

Unusual Smell and Growth of Mold

Moist locations are favorite spots for mold growth. If you notice any such growth inside your home then there is a high possibility of leakage. Mold and mildew can also lead to serious health problems. Also, it can cause severe damage to the entire or specific part of the wall. Due to the growth of mold, you will observe a bad odor smell musty.

Dripping Sound

When you are at home trying to enjoy and relax a calm afternoon and you hear a dripping sound inside the home. Even after checking all the faucets, you are unable to find the place where the sound is coming then it is time to consult Plumber Blacktown experts. As the sound can be due to leakage from one of the pipes which you cannot identify but being skilled to resolve leakage problems they can easily identify and rectify that.

Wooden Panel on The Wall Got Rot

Leakage can also rot the wooden panels on walls. Metal panels and metal components may give way to corrosion. So if you notice that for a specific wall your wooden panels are rot then it can be an indication of leakage in the wall. 

Pest Attack

Due to leakage moisture content in the air will become high which creates favorable conditions for pests like cockroaches, flies, termites, etc to grow and multiply in number. If you notice a sudden rise of pests inside your home, then search for a plumbing service near me and contact them.