How to Fix a Cistern Leak Follow These 10 Tips

How to fix a leaky toilet cistern leak?

A cistern leak is one of the most annoying plumbing nuisances. There are different causes that can lead to cistern leakage. It can lead to other serious consequences such as water damage, wastage of water, and an increase in water bills. That is why it is essential to resolve the problem as soon as possible. But, if you want to handle it yourself, you must understand the cause of the leakage and know how to fix a cistern leak. Knowing how to diagnose the problem can help you to repair it.

How to fix a leaking cistern Australia

Well, we have the most demanded topics which are asked by many users to our local plumber Blacktown expert. Our experts have noticed that many of you are in trouble with the problems related to the toilet leak so we are going to solve your following topics one by one and will also suggest you best 10 tips for how to fix a leaking cistern in Australia. Some of the queries listed below:

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Here are the top ten tips for how to fix a cistern leak

There are numerous tips that you can follow to fix the cistern leak. However, in an effort to help you understand the most basic pointers in how to fix a cistern leak, we have compiled a list. Take a look!

  1. Gather The Necessary Tools

The foremost tip that you must consider is the collection of tools. Even if you are an amateur plumber, you must have the required materials. You can start with the basics such as spanner, pliers, screwdriver, wrench, and then move onto the complex ones. Moreover, you don’t have to buy all the tools at once.

  1. Turn off the water supply

Keep in mind that switching off the water supply is one of the most essential rules in plumbing. If you forget this by any chance, be prepared to have a flood. That will not only lead to more work but can also burn a hole in your wallet.

  1. Keep a towel on the floor

There are high chances of water spillage when you work with the toilet. In that case, placing a towel on the floor will prevent you from sustaining any injury. Moreover, you can also keep the components of the toilet on the towel. It will block any damage or scratch to the part.

  1. Use a marker to outline the water level in the toilet tank

It is vital to understand the cause of the cistern leak. One of the tests that you can perform is the one where you must mark the highest water level within the tank with a sharpie. After some time, check if the water level has gone down or up. If it is up, then the issue is with the fill valve. And, if it has decreased, then there is a problem with the flush valve.

  1. Conduct the food dye test

Add a few drops of the food dye into the tank. Now, wait for at least ten minutes. If you see the coloration in the bowl, then that could indicate damage to the flush valve. If you see the colored water seeping out, it can be due to a leaking gasket. It is a vital tip in how to fix a cistern leak.

  1. Replace the flush valve

If the leak is due to a faulty flush valve, then you must replace it. For this, you must remove the nut which is placed against the supply tube. After lifting the tank, you must take out the large nut located at the base. Now, you can install the new flush valve.

  1. Tighten the gaskets

Firstly, you must find the bolts that connect the bowl to the tank. Now, you can use the adjustable wrench to tighten the bolts. You must remember this in how to fix a cistern leak. (know more about cistern)

  1. Install a new fill valve

To put in the new fill valve, you must disconnect the water supply line that is located behind the toilet tank. After that, you must take out the locknut situated just under the tank. It secures the fill valve in its place. Now, you can replace the old fill valve with a new one.

  1. Re-check the leak

After you have made the necessary repairs, you must check if the leak is fixed. It is essential in how to fix a cistern leak.

  1. Contact the professionals

If nothing solves the issue, you must get in touch with the professional plumbers. They can handle the problem with efficiency and ease.

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There are various reasons that can explain why you have a cistern leak. Irrespective of the cause, it is vital to fix the leakage as soon as possible. There are some DIY tips that you can follow to handle the problem yourself. However, knowing the causes and how to fix a cistern leak is essential. Keep in mind that if the leak remains unresolved, you will need to contact the experts.

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