When Toilets Were Invented?

Here is Everything You Need To Know About When Toilets Were Invented?

The toilet is one of the most useful sanitary hardware that people often take for granted. It is astonishing to observe that humanity didn’t always have the luxury of an indoor toilet. The sheer amount of brilliance and expertise that went into designing the toilet is appreciable. However, do you want to know when toilets were invented? Right now, you know where to purchase the toilet, fix it if any issue arises, and much more. However, understanding more about the history of toilet invention can make you acknowledge the fine piece of scientific discovery even more.


Early toilets

The earliest conceptions of toilets were variations of chamber pots, outhouses, or some holes. However, it was in the early 11th century that indoor toilet plumbing first came into existence. Its integration was remarkable in the different castles that came into existence in that era.

Though these were the stepping stones, it would take years to take sanitary conditions seriously. Linking unhygienic disposal methods to health issues led to the emergence of toilets. If you are wondering when toilets were invented, you must know about the basic notions that sparked their invention in the first place.

Flushing toilets

The first-ever flushing toilet came into existence in the year 1596 by the sheer brilliance of Sir John Harrington. However, it was not much popular until the middle of the 80s. The reason for its spike in popularity is all due to Thomas Crapper. He used the previous designs and added new features to make toilets much more convenient. Moreover, he sought to address the weaknesses of the former design and tried to deal with them. This is when toilets were invented.

Though Sir John Harrington is the true discoverer of flush toilets, the legitimate title goes to Alexander Cummings. In 1775, Cummings filed for a patent for the flushing toilet to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and was granted.

Both the 20th and 21st centuries were witnesses to significant improvements to toilets. Even now, new inventions continue to bring styles and designs to the world.

When Toilets Were Invented – Recent toilet innovations

Now that you know when toilets were invented, it is time to understand the latest innovations. It is without a doubt that indoor plumbing has improved significantly since the early days of its conception. Nowadays, more integration of eco-friendly ways takes place to make the toilets even more safe and clean. Moreover, there are numerous blueprints of the toilets that are yet to hit the market.

Some innovative features that most of the new toilets have

There are numerous innovative features that can look out for when purchasing a new toilet. These include –

  • Blue-tooth speakers
  • The comfortable height of the stool
  • Dual-flush
  • Integrated night lights
  • Touch-screen remote
  • Heated seats
  • LED lighting
  • Temperature settings

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