Toilet Leaking Into The Bowl 4 Reason To Understand and Solutions

You might not realize, but a toilet is one of the most critical fixtures in a house. It is easy to maintain and requires cleaning at periodic intervals. But, despite best efforts at maintenance, issues can arise. When it does occur, you must resolve them immediately. There are various issues that can interfere with the functioning of the toilet. For instance, toilet leaking into the bowl is a common issue and needs repairing as soon as possible. There are some steps that you can follow to fix the problem. However, in case, the concern persists, you must contact the professionals.


Reasons that can lead to toilet leaking into The bowl

There are multiple reasons that can lead to toilet leaking. Take a look at some of the pointers below to know more about the related queries toilet leaking into bowl Australia, toilet tank leaking into bowl not flapper, toilet leaking into bowl after flushing.

Dual flush toilet leaking into the bowl

Despite advanced technology, toilet leaking into The bowl in case of a dual flush toilet is not uncommon. There are numerous reasons that can lead to this problem. It can be due to the misalignment of the flapper. In that case, re-aligning it might settle the issue. For this, you can apply Vaseline. In case it doesn’t work, you must resolve the problem immediately!

Leaking of toilet pipe while flushing

Another reason that can lead to the toilet leaking into bowl is a hole in the pipe. Moreover, there can also be issues with the pipes. In some cases, the sealant can also erode, leading to leakage. Here, the best solution is to try re-sealing the pipe hole with the aid of sealing compounds and tapes. However, this is only a temporary solution, and you will need professional help for entire pipe replacements.

Water leaking slowly into the bowl

Does the sound of automatic toilet refilling keep you awake at night? You might think these are illusions, but in reality, these are actual sounds that you hear. The occurrence of toilet leaking into the bowl is known as “Phantom flushes.” In this case, the toilet automatically flushes without any aid at periodical intervals. The chief cause for the phantom flushes is the leakage of water into the bowl. It is essentially due to a damaged flapper seat or flapper.

In this scenario, the best solution is to drain the toilet tank and bowl. After that, it is vital to find the flapper and see its condition. It is also the perfect time to ensure that the flapper seat is clean. However, if the flapper is highly damaged, you must replace it immediately.

Toilet leaking into the bowl from the tank


Now that you know that there is an issue of toilet leaking you must find the source. It is vital to identify the leak source in order to fix it.

For this, you can try out the water level test. In this, firstly, make sure that the tank is full of water. After that, switch off the valve located below. Keep in mind that you must not flush the toilet.

Now, mark the area that shows the present water level within the tank. After that, wait for 30 minutes and then again look at the water level. If the level reduces, mark the area. Continue this till the water level stops going down. When the water level stops and doesn’t go down anymore, you have located the leak.

The primary reasons that can explain the toilet leaking into bowl are issues with the flush valve or damaged flappers. You can try to change the flush valve. Moreover, you must also replace the flapper with the help of a Toilet Leak repair expert.

Is your toilet leaking? Obtain the services of experts now!

There are several reasons that can lead to toilet leaking into the bowl. However, you can fix the problem by opting for some effective DIY tricks. But, sometimes, the issues may persist. In that case, you need to contact the experts.

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